1. School must be an appropriately accredited institution.
2. School may not participate in any portion of their public high school championships.
3. School must join the NWCA prior to first contest.
4. School must participate in their qualifying zone tournament prior to entering the national preps.  
5. If a school is located in a state that doesn't have a qualifying tournament they must petition to enter as an "At Large Entry".
6. School must follow the National Prep Weight Management Program (NPWMP). 
7. School must use the NWCA pre match weigh in form and use the post match recording of actual weight form for each contest
8. School must follow the National Federation Rulebook.
9. Individuals must be in grades 9-PG.
10.  Individuals may not be 19 before September 1 of the current school year.
11.  Individuals must be students at a school with an  official 
school varsity wrestling team that has a printed schedule for that team.
12.  An athlete is eligible to compete in the National Prep Tournament for five years beginning 

and including the year he enters 9th grade provided he meets the National Prep

Tournament age requirements.